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  • What if there is a problem with my print?
    We strive for complete accuracy and send proofs for you to review. When we design your layout, we send you a proof for you to see if you like the way it looks, but also to check for accuracy. Double check spellings, especially names and phone numbers. We allow 3 edits before we charge a design fee. If you send your own artwork, we can provide you with a proof if you ask for it. We assume you were accurate in your design and typing, so please understand that we will not be responsible for proofreading information that you send to us. Bottom line, if the product doesn't match your proofs, we will replace it. That's a promise.
  • Can I get products the same day?
    Yes. Sometimes. Some products take longer to finish than others. Always place your order as far ahead as you can, but in special circumstances accommodations can be made. Please be aware that we must charge a Rush Fee for same day (and in some cases, Next Day) production.
  • What's your turn-around time?
    We used to be so comfortable telling our customers and clients that once artwork is approved, we can finish the product in a day or two. We are now having growing pains (which is a good thing), so our turn-around is closer to a week at this point. We try to remember to ask when you place your order if you have a deadline we need to be mindful of and we strive to work within your time frames.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, check and credit cards. When your project is complete and ready for pick-up, we email a notification that includes a payment link for you. If you'd rather pay in person at the time you come get your print, that's fine too. Jobs over $100 require a 50% deposit. Rarely do we ask for full payment in advance but under special circumstances we may and we will explain at the time you discuss your project with us so there are no surprises. We are a small company and we expect to be paid before or at the time your project is complete. We make exceptions for larger companies that have an Accounts Payable department and like to set that up in advance.
  • I'm just starting a business. Can you guide me?
    We want to be that printing shop that's also a mentor for new entrepreneurs. We have a new business package that includes a logo design, business cards using that new logo and social media marketing for a month - all for one low price. If you have forms and vinyl window lettering and signs and other things you also need, let's set an appointment where we can learn more about you and work up a good plan to get your business launched right.
  • I can't design and can't draw and have NO imagination. Now what?
    Don't worry, we don't all have the same gifts, but Patrick Harlow (owner & founder) and our Creative Director, Julianna Harlow (his daughter!) have the expertise, passion and experience to help you. Our design time bills out at $90 per hour. Consultations are free.
  • You have too many products!!
    I realize the list of our products and services is LONG. There is lots of scrolling to be done with tons of pictures, but here is a concise list: Banners - X Frame and Retractable Booklets Business Cards Canvas Prints Car Magnets Cards - Greeting cards and Post cards Door Hangers Flyers (and Rack Cards & Trifolds) Invitations Kiss Cut Stickers Lawn Signs Mailers - Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Menus Presentation Folders Stickers, Labels and Decals NCR Forms Table Tents Tickets, both numbered and general Vehicle and trailer wraps, both full and partial Vinyl Window Signs Wedding and Event Printing - let your imagination go crazy! Window Perfs MISCELLANEOUS Design Services Logo Recreation Social Media Marketing New Logo Creation
  • Can you print my digital artwork?
    The short answer is YES, but there are a few things you need to be mindful of. Digital colors don't look exactly the same as printed ink. We can't reproduce neon colors for example. Your computer uses RGB color and printers use CYMK. Using a program such as Canva to create your own artwork is fine, but margins, bleed, fonts that are app-specific or are too small to use are considerations you need to be aware of. When possible, save and submit your digital artwork as a PDF. We are happy to work with you to tweak things so you will be completely happy with the finished project.
  • How do I submit my artwork?
    We love to receive your email with attached artwork and prefer it in PDF form, if possible. So many of our clients use Canva to create their artwork so we have a special section just for that.
  • "I didn't know you could make that!"
    We have a LONG list of products and now we are expanding into the digital world of social media marketing and websites, so be sure to look at our PRODUCTS page. What we don't print are promotional items such as pens, cups and other small giveaways, but you are welcome to check with us first. If we don't produce it, we have referral partners that we know, like and trust that will take great care of you.
  • I'm a Realtor. Can you help me?
    Realtors use our printing services often. From custom business cards, to yard signs, metal rider signs, flyers, mailers - the sky is the limit! Many of our products have a tag line that indicates realtors love this product, but scroll our product page and let your imagination run wild.
  • Can I use Canva to create artwork for print?
    Yes, you sure can but there are many things to consider, so check out this section carefully.
  • How do I save my art in Canva to send to you?
    Great question! 1. On your computer in Canva, look at the upper right for SHARE. 2. Now look for DOWNLOAD. 3. Canva defaults to PNG as recommended, but open that box and choose PDF PRINT. You will see it says best for printing. 4. Now look for the box that says Color Profile and change it from RGB (best for digital) to CYMK (best for professional printing). 5. Click the purple DOWNLOAD button. 6. Unless you click the box to Save Download Settings, you will have to follow this procedure every time you want to send us a file. 7. Attach your downloaded file to an email and send to with any other directions or questions.
  • Bleed and Canva - What's that all about?
    Oh my, you need to know this. When you use Canva to create a business card, for example, the standard size card is always 3.5"x2". Canva's platform on which you create your template, background, images and contact information will be precisely that size, but you need BLEED. So, instead of using the standard business card template in Canva, open a CUSTOM size and add 1/4" to your art board. A business card layout in Canva should be 3.75"x2.25". Now the next step is to be certain that your background goes all the way to the edges, knowing that a portion will be cut off, but NOT your images, pictures, or words because those you do NOT want to trim. For bleed questions on your specific Canva project, reach out. We are glad to help.
  • Logos and Canva
    You made your own logo in Canva? Fantastic! And when you worked on that logo, your layout was large enough for you to see and move the elements around until it was perfect. Remember that when you resize that new logo to fit on a small business card, all the elements will be reduced and that may make some things too small to read when printed. After you have created a logo, try placing it in a project and then check the smallest font for size. The smallest font that can be easily read is 8. Any smaller than that and you will need to adjust some settings.
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